7 Quick Takes

Hola! It's F-r-i-d-a-a-a-a-y. HALLELUJER.

On Fridays, I will be teaming up with the ever-awesome Jen at Conversion Diary for a little quick take fun on various things in my world.

--- 1 ---
As a nanny....  I watched (wasted) a full season of a reality TV trash show called "Beverly Hills Nannies" thinking I would find some sort of companionship through the people that share my job title. Puh-lease. Making $40/hr and enjoying lavish lunches and parties. So. not. buying. it. Should have put my reality TV time into something like this:

--- 2 ---
Read the funniest.... blog post last night about how a young woman's fart (yes you read me correct, fart) almost killed her future with her now husband. Seriously. If you don't laugh, there has got to be something terribly wrong with your sense of humor and laugh-o-meter. Ben and I were rolling last night.

--- 3 ---
Typing of funny.... nothing makes me smile more than when grammar and jokes marry.

--- 4 ---
My birthday is coming up soon... which means I get to enjoy a guilt-free shopping spree courtesy of my loving husband (score). First time to do this since pre-wedding... excited much? You betcha!

--- 5---
About two days a week... starting with yesterday, I get to watch this outrageously adorable, melt-your-heart-with-one-smile beautiful little baby I have the privilege of calling my Goddaughter.

"Owl love you forever" (be still my heart!)

Yesterday, Ayla and I had so much morning fun that she took an almost 3 hour nap. I didn't know what to do with myself. A part of me that pretends I don't know what happens when you wake a peaceful sleeping baby wanted to wake her up so we could play some more. Lucky for her, I didn't. She rewarded me later for my patience when she finally did wake and we played.....

a little good ol' fashioned peek-a-boo. During mid-afternoon snack, of course. 

And also, did I mention she's really cute? 
hello, milk face. 

I can't wait for our next play date. 

--- 6 ---
On the subject of Ayla... it has been revealed to me that I, in fact, am probably her second choice as a Godparent. (sigh) As much as it kills me to say it, I think she likes Ben more than I. (shocker.... who doesn't?) To prove my point, I will torture you will ooberly-adorable pictures that adorn the love that Ayla & Ben share. Beyla love. 

This is June, by the by.... she has changed so much.



persuading her to love him more than me.... womp womp.

falling for it. 

Maybe it's the scruff. Maybe it's the silky-smooth singing voice. But she has fallen hard for it. I have nothing.

--- 7 ---
Tonight, that scruff and silky-smooth voice and I are going out on a date. It has been forever since we have been out alone (I make it sound like we have kids or something) so we are reeeaally looking forward to it!

A freaky-fun Friday to you, 

head over to Jen's page to check out her 


  1. Love it! I had forgotten about Quick Takes. I posted my own!


  2. What a cute blog! I love your husbands beard (mine has one too;). What a cutie you get to take care of on the daily!! Oh my goodness, I could eat her up. Looking forward to seeing more from your blog! :) Have a great day!


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